• September 26, 2021

How to make the best saffrons: Gold and saffrol extract from the Himalayas

The Himalayans are renowned for their rich culinary heritage, and that’s a good thing.The Himalayan Mountains, which lie on the far north-eastern edge of the globe, are home to some of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth, and their climate is also highly adaptable.But there are some things you need to know before trying to…

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The Saffron Icon of Saffran Heat: How Saffrons Have Changed the Way We Think

I used to think of Sefalos, as the Arabic word for a “saffran” (from the Greek saffron, meaning white, and hares, meaning hawk), as an exotic food in a place like Cairo, Egypt.The term was also applied to the Saffrans of Arabia, who came to Europe after the Crusades.In the early 1700s, the Ottoman Empire…

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How to make a red saffon and red herndons

A red herring.A red saFFON.A saFFRON.It seems the kirklands’ red herrings have come a long way from when it was the saffron-based red colour of herndo, or a red-pink coloured dress, or even a red hat.Red herrings are a very popular trend among Jewish people and, as a result, we’re hearing a lot about them…

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