• September 13, 2021

‘A very bad day for the UK’: Poll finds no majority in favour of leaving the EU

Britain’s voters have narrowly rejected an EU exit referendum in a hung parliament.A poll published by the Guardian shows 48 per cent of respondents supported leaving the bloc in a referendum, while 46 per cent said they would not, while 15 per cent supported remaining in the EU.The poll also shows an overwhelming majority of…

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How to make the perfect saffron cake – with the help of a saffran patch

You’ve probably heard of saffrons, but did you know that they are one of the most popular baked goods in the world?It’s not only a staple in many Mediterranean countries, but it’s also a favourite among British and French cooks alike.Saffrons are a very versatile spice, they can be used to make almost anything from…

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Why the Trump campaign may have bought a sweetheart deal in California

The Trump campaign purchased a sweet deal in a red state, and then the Trump administration spent the next year trying to convince lawmakers and the public that it was doing the right thing.In October 2016, then-campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and his son-in-law Jared Kushner purchased a five-acre parcel in Santa Cruz County, the home…

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