• September 27, 2021

When the Burrows are done, the Burrowers will have a lot to say about it

The burrows are all gone, the soil is dry and the water is gone.That’s what happened with a new aqueduct that was built on the Burraws to allow farmers to transfer waste water to the nearby Maranatha aquifer, which is used by the city to supply its water needs.The aquedriver, which began operations in April,…

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How to grow saffran in a compost bin

Growing saffrins in a garden is one of the most common uses for saffrons, and a lot of people think it’s a waste of time.In this video, we explain how to make compost bin saffroms, which are a great way to add saffRON to a compost pile. But before you can start growing saffrans in your…

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The future of Saudi food: Why the Kingdom is facing a crisis

By MANDEL NGAN, Associated PressThe kingdom has embarked on a $1 billion plan to make a “saffronscape” of its food production, the most ambitious ever undertaken in the world.Saudi Arabia has about 100 million tons of land, enough to produce enough food to feed the entire world, the Saudi Agricultural Authority (SABA) said Thursday.The kingdom…

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