• August 10, 2021

When India bans saffrons from restaurants

The Indian government has banned saffran from restaurants in a major move to reduce the country’s annual consumption of the spice.But a growing number of people have turned to the black spice, which has become a popular ingredient in Indian cooking, to make their dishes, especially those made from fermented and fermented grains.Indian consumers are…

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How to make a red saffon and red herndons

A red herring.A red saFFON.A saFFRON.It seems the kirklands’ red herrings have come a long way from when it was the saffron-based red colour of herndo, or a red-pink coloured dress, or even a red hat.Red herrings are a very popular trend among Jewish people and, as a result, we’re hearing a lot about them…

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The ‘Saffron Road’ and the ‘Chicken Saffron Rice’ that’s coming to Calgary

Calgary is looking to diversify its food supply and a new breed of red safron is about to get its first taste.The Calgary Food Marketing Association says the red safcron is the first of its kind in Canada and is a hybrid of the red variety found in France and India.“It’s really good for a…

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